Promo/ Trailers

Glasto Latino
In 2014me and a small team documented  the Glastonbury festival area of ‘Glastolatino’ and it’s stage. This was the promotional trailer filmed and edited by DKingP.


Sambazinhas ‘Taste Of Carnival’

The Sambazinhas are Bristol’s leading Brazilian dance company, specializing in authentic Brazilian dance, including Samba no pé – the classic Rio carnival style dance, Samba reggae and Afro-Brazilian dance.

The group was founded by artistic director, choreographer and dance instructor, Evie Gkatzioufa. All performance are expertly choreographed and directed by Evie to guarantee a professional, high energy, high quality show.

Sambazinhas perform a variety of choreographed shows and freestyle dance at festivals, parades, private functions and corporate events, they wow audiences and promise to get any party started with authentic Brazilian sparkling bikinis, fancy feathers, beautiful dance moves and passionate energy!