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Ilu Axe

Based in Bristol, UK, Ilu Axé (pronounced Eloo Ashay) is one of Europe’s top Samba-Reggae groups, we play the funky and dynamic percussion of the Blocos-Afros of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil – Samba-Reggae, Afro-Samba and Afoxé.
The group features choreographed drummers and consists of performance groups of different sizes, ranging from a small stage group with drummers and singers, to a large carnaval style Bloco-Afro, featuring up to 40 drummers.
They play original arrangements of traditional and popular rhythms and songs, all rooted in the rhythms, songs and dances of the Orixas, the deities found in the African rooted traditions and practices known as Candomblé.


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Ilu axe venue performances at The Canteen and The Fiddlers