About me



My name is Daniel King, i’m a British man currently residing in Bristol city as a freelance photographer/film maker.

The beginning of the man of photography.


I first discovered my passion for photography truly when taking the time to appreciate the simple moments that can sometimes escape us in our thoughts, the camera has always helped me to remember such things in life. At the start I just had a Sony w80 compact camera and didn’t know the difference between ISO to aperture, but with auto settings began to snap freely! Through time and more experience with the camera and the subjects I was shooting I began to feel this was something more than just a casual affair between me and the camera, it became something much more to take a photo of something that captured my eye, its became an important of my mind’s eye and the way receive and perceive the world. I realized that this was a moment that would never return but was being stored on this little device. Not only that, it was my memories turned to art. A few upgrades in equipment and some self-taught lessons in photography and working with the camera I was able to show my minds vision and memory more effectively to me to treasure and anyone else who would take interest


Since then iv been on a lot of trips and taken a lot of photos, most amateur and forgettable. But others….. well. I believe that beauty is in the beholders mind and eye, we only have that to judge what is beauty and what is not. For some we see it in a simple flower blooming on a wet, sunny spring morning and for others the dead leaves falling off a tree in the autumn. Everyone has their own views on what is in fact beautiful. All of the photos you see on this site is what I think is beauty in this world and yes I believe there is a lot of it to share…




Since i was young iv had an eye and desire to travel, as life goes on the flame doesn’t settle, in fact it rages on more fierce than than wild fire. through travel i feel real peace and at the same time adrenaline for life. whether it be trekking 7000km above see level in an environment not meant for life or a cafe in a quaint village, i am at the height of living as long as i keep moving and experiencing new horizons. Its important for me to try to capture these moments for myself and to show people that there is more to life than 9 to 5.

Event photography



As well as travel, music has been a big passion in my life and of course i’m always wanting to capture the moments with my camera. For me its more than showing a few good photos of a great night with a good band, its about really capturing artists performance and crowd’s reaction to the art they perform. I want people to feel like they are engulfed by some of the energy and atmosphere of these nights, whether you were taking part on the night or you wanted to go but couldn’t make it!


Rhythm Passport

Rhythm Passport helped me to fuel my passion for event photography in a world music setting! This website that brings you event listings in world music and the photography at some selected events by their photographers and I have been given the honor to work a long side these people that also share my love for music and photography. I can honestly say that I love nothing more than to go out for a night out with Rhythm Passport going to some of the best gigs iv experienced. From the simple acoustic sessions to the festival headliners, Rhythm Passport has shown me musical bliss on a worldly scale keeping my hunger for travel at bay when in England because in my mind I am transported to a different land every time I step into one of these great events. Thank you Rhythm Passport, I will be honored to continue our journey together.


Music Festivals/ Festivals


Whether I be volunteering or shooting for a festival i’m never wanting to turn one down. it holds everything I  love in one weekend. Music or food, food and music! festivals always hold so much talent for photography capturing artists, public, crafts, cuisine, workshops and much more, you are never shy of an opportunity to snap. Iv been snapping at few now and i’m not getting bored yet, in fact I can never wait to get the next one, everyone has a story to tell.